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Board Meeting Minutes--
2021 Mount Calvary Project--
2023 APPLICATION for Scholarship Program.docx76 KB01/18/23 at 07:01 AM
2023 Scholarship Eligibility.pdf63 KB01/11/23 at 03:56 PM
New Member Application v2022-23.pdf343 KB10/28/22 at 08:09 AM
Club fundraisers 2022-23.pdf230 KB09/09/22 at 03:44 AM
Past presidents 2022-2023.pdf88 KB09/09/22 at 03:44 AM
Club projects 2022-23.pdf83 KB09/09/22 at 03:44 AM
Club traditions 2022-23.pdf170 KB09/09/22 at 03:44 AM
Member Small Grant Request.pdf.docx59 KB07/30/22 at 05:34 AM
Portage Rotary Bylaws- approved 6-8-22.pdf278 KB06/12/22 at 02:06 AM
Community Service Nomination Form.docx13 KB03/23/22 at 12:21 PM
Rotary Visioning doc.pdf2 MB01/31/22 at 09:32 AM
Past Presidents.pdf84 KB12/04/20 at 08:04 PM
Club giving to Rotary Foundation 2020.pdf1 MB07/29/20 at 03:04 PM
Club giving to Polio Plus 2020.pdf1 MB07/29/20 at 03:04 PM
Club Membership honors 2020.pdf1 MB07/29/20 at 03:03 PM
DACdb Quick Start Guides.pdf8 MB11/15/19 at 06:25 AM
Portage Rotary Small Grant guidelines.pdf106 KB10/05/19 at 10:09 AM
How to PMail your committee membere 2018-19.pdf55 KB01/27/19 at 04:56 PM
Why Join Your Local Rotary Club.pdf251 KB06/11/18 at 10:58 AM
WebsiteFAQ.pdf105 KB06/11/18 at 10:58 AM
Portage Rotary Fundraisers.pdf193 KB06/11/18 at 10:58 AM
Newcomer Web Orientation 2017.pdf92 KB06/11/18 at 10:58 AM
Gift to Rotary.pdf192 KB06/11/18 at 10:58 AM
Expense report reimbursement request.xls42 KB06/11/18 at 10:58 AM
Club Makeup Online.pdf151 KB06/11/18 at 10:58 AM
2021 Mouint Calvary Grant Project
Club Leaders